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  • Excerpt: ssoulet Confessions: Food, France, Family, and the Stew That Saved My Soul by Sylvie Bigar
    Excerpt: ssoulet Confessions: Food, France, Family, and the Stew That Saved My Soul by Sylvie Bigar

    What follows is an exclusive excerpt from ssoulet Confessions: Food, France, Family and the Stew That Saved My Soul (Hardie Grant Books), available In nada and the United States in September.?

    The Full tastrophe by Méira Cook
    The Full tastrophe by Méira Cook

    A compassionate and funny novel about defining yourself, the communities that support us, and the journeys that secrets propel.

    Trout Tracks by Jim McLennan
    Trout Tracks by Jim McLennan

    “Drawn from 55 years of excessive obsession with trout, water, streams, and flies, this collection of essays from nada’s most widely read flyfishing author since Roderick Haig-Brown reveals the depth of engagement that this sport engenders. Poised and polished words reveal the flaws and virtues of humanity, the strength of Mother Nature, the beautiful mystery that is a wild trout, and the obsessed’s inexplible need to outsmart a creature with a brain the size of a pea.”

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    • “Cetacea” by Erin labria
      When a riptide comes, mother says to swim crosswise against it. But I am already thinking of the whales. Of all the heavy millennia before they went back to the sea—a dwindle of limb, a lengthening of spine and fingerbone steering them out, deeper and deeper, into such softness and… Read more »
    • “Palimpsest” by Sutton Strother
      After I built my time machine, I collected lovers across millennia – women with mechanil arms and regenerating cells, thick-bearded men perfumed with ve damp. One by one I rried them home with me. We threw parties, traded knowledge, made love in unthinkable configurations. A Sumerian prostitute soon fell pregnant… Read more »
    • “Cupola” by Jiksun Cheung
      The sea breeze whips at my bathrobe and whistles beneath the floorboards of the front porch. Something seems off again, but I n’t put my finger on it. Millie says the isolation will do that to you. Behind me, the glass dome of Hak Island Lighthouse glints in the autumn… Read more »
    • “Tomorrow at fé La Nuit” by Sara Hills
      1 You’ll meet your Uncle Dubois for dinner. He’ll order for you in excess, he always does, peering through perched spectacles at le menu while stroking the salted tail of his lamp black beard. He’ll want to discuss finances. Your future. The muscles in your legs will tense until you… Read more »

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